How to raise the valuation of your CV

Command the attention of prospective employers with your CV– you are not simply a piece of paper but a set of powerful skills and valuable experience. The challenge lies in presenting these assets without seeming self-congratulatory or just another one in the crowd. Below are strategies to help you capture and convey your unique value in your resume, distinguishing you from other candidates.

Personal Summary

Your ‘Personal Summary’ is a significant part of your CV. It’s what recruiters first pay attention to. A strong, compelling personal summary could make a big difference between your CV standing out or mixing it with the rest. Here’s how you can raise its valuation:

  • Keep it concise: the personal summary should ideally be a short paragraph of 50-100 words. It’s your elevator pitch. It needs to be interesting, powerful and easy to read and understand.
  • Showcase your skills: highlight relevant skills that would be of great value to the potential employer.

For instance:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent leadership abilities
  • Proficiency in using certain software

Personal Summary Examples:

  • Marketing Manager:

Dynamic Marketing Manager with 7+ years of experience in digital marketing. Creative and dedicated professional with a proven record of increasing revenue through product optimisation. Looking for a challenging role to utilise my skills for the organisation’s growth.”

  • Software Developer:

Resourceful Software Developer with a knack for problem-solving. Possesses a track record of developing efficient algorithms and coding high-performance applications. Looking to use my programming capabilities to drive innovation and operational efficiency in your esteemed organisation.”

Follow these tips, and you are well on your way to raising the valuation of your ‘Personal Summary’ and, ultimately, your CV.

Showcasing Your Achievements and Impact

You’ve already got the basics like education, work experience and key skills on your CV. But your accomplishments and the impact you’ve made in your previous roles will make you stand above the rest. This is where you get to shine and show hiring managers why you’re a top candidate. Below, you will find some practical examples of how to raise the valuation of your CV:

  • Quantify your impact

Instead of stating that you ‘increased productivity’, say that you ‘increased productivity by 20%’. Make your claims tangible with precise figures, percentages or facts wherever possible. This lends credibility to your CV and clearly shows your effectiveness for hiring managers.

  • Idealise accomplishments over duties

Many people tend to focus on their job responsibilities when writing their CVs. However, hiring managers are more interested in what you’ve achieved. So, try to emphasise achievements like successful projects, awards, or promotions more than day-to-day responsibilities.

  • Place your achievements towards the top of your CV

Your CV is valuable real estate; the higher up an item, the more attention it gets. That’s why it’s best to put your most significant achievements right up top so they get noted immediately.

Remember, your CV should be seen as a portfolio of what you have achieved in the workplace and not just a list of job descriptions. The more achievements you can include, the better.

Accomplishments Examples

Accomplishment Impact
Redesigned company websiteIncreased user engagement by 30%
Implemented a new CRM systemBoosted customer retention rate by 15%
Developed a new training curriculum
for sales team
Improved sales figures by 20%
Reduced supply costs by
renegotiating vendor contracts
Saved the company KSh 500,000 annually
Reformulate the way you present your achievements to raise the value of your CV.

By following these tips, you’ll not only make your CV more valuable, but you’ll be more likely to show hiring managers that you’re the star candidate they’ve been searching for.

Tailoring Your CV to the Job Description

Crafting a CV involves tailoring it to match the job description. Understanding the requirements outlined in the job description is crucial as it goes beyond listing your responsibilities. The job description serves as a resource that reveals what the employer is seeking and which skills, qualifications and attributes they prioritise. It is a roadmap for creating a CV that aligns perfectly with their expectations.

By aligning your skills and experiences with the needs of each employer, you demonstrate your dedication and attention to detail. Then, sending out a resume to every potential employer, it’s essential to customise your CV according to their unique requirements. To do this effectively, conduct research on the company, industry and role you’re applying for. Identify the skills and qualifications they are looking for. Then, highlight those in your resume by using keywords and phrases while providing examples of how you’ve applied those skills or achieved accomplishments.

By tailoring your resume in this manner, you showcase yourself as a fit for the job while demonstrating that you’ve put effort into understanding their needs.

Utilising Keywords and Phrases from the Job Description

By utilising the keywords and phrases, you can easily enhance the value of your CV. Employers often use these terms to identify the skills, qualifications and accomplishments they value in a candidate. Incorporating them into your CV subtly communicates two things: your awareness of the job requirements and your possession of skills and experience. For instance, if you’re targeting a marketing position, consider including keywords like ” media “, “content creation “, “SEO,” “analytics,” or “campaign management.” This will make you an appealing candidate.

Remember that using keywords and phrases may require some practice and strategic thinking. However, it is a surefire way to raise the valuation of your CV.

Highlight your soft skills

While technical knowledge is essential, employers are increasingly placing emphasis on attributes such as communication abilities, teamwork skills, problem-solving aptitude and adaptability. To enhance the value of your CV, further showcase how you possess these qualities.

You got it. You can gain an advantage over others by highlighting your skills and providing real-life examples of how you’ve applied them. It would be helpful to mention situations where you collaborated effectively with teams, skillfully negotiated with clients, resolved conflicts or constructively provided feedback.

Consider incorporating action verbs and positive descriptors to make your resume more persuasive. Use phrases like “effectively communicated “, “inspired others “, “drove change ” or “demonstrated creativity.” Showcasing your ability to work well with people and handle challenges will make you stand out in the eyes of employers.

So go ahead. Make your resume shine by highlighting the overlooked soft skills that you possess.

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